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Our goal is to pursue cases that have a positive impact on society. We advocate on behalf of classes of employees, tenants, consumers, and others whose legal rights have been denied or trampled upon.

We represent plaintiffs in nationwide and local class actions, in federal and state courts, focusing on tenants’ rights, employment discrimination, workplace benefits related to wages and tips, whistleblower actions, and consumer rights.

Through our work, we have developed a reputation for aggressively pursuing justice and compensation for those whose rights have been ignored, compromised, or overlooked.

Settlements & Verdicts

Prevailed at summary judgment in federal court class action against large apartment complex.

Settled several amenity fee/cleaning fee class action cases against landlords and apartment complexes.

All Settlements & Verdicts

Employers, Landlords, and Companies Think They Can Get Away with Illegal Treatment. They are Wrong.

Unethical companies often believe that they can get away with illegal conduct because the harm to any one person may not be significant – perhaps only a few hundred or maybe a thousand dollars.  They know that it is highly unlikely any lawyer will take on such a small case.

So they cheat workers out of overtime or other compensation.  They try to keep security deposits to which they are not entitled, or foist bogus charges upon tenants who are unable to defend themselves.  Or they may rip off consumers in a number of other ways.

The power of a class action is that by bringing together many people who have been harmed in the same way, lawsuits are now economically viable.  A class action law firm such as ours not only will take on a case, we will spend the money required to take a case to trial, including hiring experts where necessary.

In a class action, losing companies will not face having to pay small damages to only one person.  Instead, they risk having to pay damages to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of plaintiffs.

Additionally, the conduct of such companies does not go unnoticed, which usually is the case in a small lawsuit for a few hundred dollars.  Instead, in classes involving large number of plaintiffs and potentially substantial damages, significant publicity and press may be devoted to covering the matter.

Even if You Have a Small Claim, We May Be Able to Help

Don’t hesitate – call us today to find out about how we can help.  As we provide a free initial telephone consultation, you will not owe us any fee to learn about your options and how we may be able to help.  We represent clients in class action matters on a contingency fee basis, so there is no fee unless you and the others in the plaintiff class recover.  And, if you are the “named plaintiff” in a class action fee, you may be entitled to an additional recovery for helping to bring a successful class action.

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