Sexual Abuse/Sexual Assault Victims

Massachusetts Sexual Abuse/Sexual Assault Attorneys

If you have been the victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault in Massachusetts, you may be entitled to compensation from the abuser/perpetrator, and/or the entity for whom the abuser/perpetrator was employed or affiliated, such as a school, religious organization, or private company. Matthew Fogelman will advocate for you and use the legal system to seek justice for you. He is quickly becoming one of the leading advocates in the Northeast for victims of sex abuse and sexual assault.

Matthew Fogelman understands that sex abuse survivors, particularly children, must grapple with complicated feelings of shame, anger, confusion, and depression as they re-claim their lives and their emotional and spiritual power from the perpetrators who abused them and the institutions that supported the relationships out of which the sexual abuse arose. This process often takes a long time. Matthew also appreciates that for many survivors of sexual abuse, it is a tremendous step to admit to themselves (and to others), that such horrific crimes were committed against them.

Holding the sexual abusers and institutions responsible legally may be an important part of a victim's healing.

Quite tragically, abuse often arises out of institutions of trust - schools, youth and scouting clubs, religious organizations, athletic leagues, and other such entities. Many of these cases have something in common - the winning of trust, and then betrayal, with deeply damaging results. Matthew Fogelman can help people "take back" the power from the perpetrators and the organizations that sponsored them, to obtain civil justice in the form of monetary compensation and, possibly, to achieve other, non-monetary results, such as apologies, changes to institutional policies, procedures, and guidelines, acts to benefit charitable entities, and other possible, creative outcomes.