Mass. Department of Revenue Seizes Chelmsford Liquor License

The Chelmsford Board of Selectmen’s office was notified this week by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) that it has seized the all-alcohol license issued to Hi-Way Farm Market located at 259 Littleton Road. The action was apaprently taken because of non-payment of state taxes. The listed owner of the license is Spiro Vrouhas.

Town Manager Paul Cohen told the local Chelmsford newspaper that the license could be auctioned, with the proceeds going to pay down the tax debt. The license is one of only seven full alcohol licenses that are issued within the town.

On July 12, the Board of Selectmen held a public hearing to discuss the revocation of the license, since the store was not open for business. At that time, the store’s stated intent was to reopen following some family health issues and refinacing issues.

Coincidentally, an August 5th blog post detailed the ABCC appeal filed by Chelmsford’s The Meat House, which was denied a beer and wine license by the town.

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