Greenfield Business Owner Wants To Open Large Liquor Store

Barry Gidseg, the owner of The Big Y Plaza in Greenfield, wants a large liquor store to open in the plaza. Gidseg is hoping to buy a liquor license from one of the existing small package stores in town to make it happen. He is even willing to move an existing liquor store and pay a commission to someone who can make it happen.

He placed an advertisement in a local newspaper asking one of the five package store owners in Greenfield to sell him a license. The state has set a maximum of five full-liquor licenses for Greenfield, based primarily on its population.

In the advertisement, Gidseg says he will pay ‘top dollar’ for a license. He also says he would like the local package store owner to either sell the license outright or move into the Big Y plaza ‘as a joint venture.’

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